BARTEK - the solution for healthy little feet!

BARTEK is a Polish manufacturer of top quality children shoes, well-known in Poland and abroad, to parents who care about their children’s physical development and comfort.
The mission - which has been implementing since the company’s set up - is the smile, health and comfort of their little customers. BARTEK products are designed in line with the anatomical requirements of a child’s foot, using natural materials and always offered in many colors. The BARTEK trademark is to be synonymous, of attractive and high quality products, designed for children’s health and comfort.
The company was founded in the early 1990s.
The company is trying to enter a new sales market. Since 1997, the brand is gradually more and more recognized among consumers in various parts of the world. The company exports its products to the USA, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Australia, Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine and other. However, for the time being, the export activities focus on the Eastern European markets. At present, the total number of shoes to be produced in Poland, are annually extended to 800,000 pairs.
The chain of BARTEK Company shoe shops consists of 56 shops and is the biggest chain offering children’s shoes, in Poland. All BARTEK shops are the most popular among customers’ shopping malls in Poland. In order to offer our shoes to consumer living in smaller cities, the company uses the multi-brand network of shoe shops (150 shops). We are successfully developing the chain of stores, abroad as well. Now we have 6 shops in Ukraine and 4 in Lithuania. BARTEK shoes are also available in more than 250 foreign multi-brand shops. In the future, we are planning to open more than 5 new shops in Poland. We are also considerably expanding the chain of BARTEK shops on international markets.
BARTEK Company has worked intensively to enlarge the chain of stores for several years, as well as widening the variety of products offered in our shops. Seventy per cent of the products, offered in our shops, are Bartek shoes and thirty per cent are the products of other companies we cooperate with. We put a lot of effort to enlarge the offer so that the products we sell are of the highest quality. In our stores, customers can also buy shoes of another company which is of excellent quality. Other products included are slippers, PUMA and GEOX trainers, Columbia shoes, Wellington shoes, socks, hats, bags, backpacks and balms for the care of products. In larger shops, we offer exclusive collections of T-shirts, blouses and trousers. BARTEK emphasizes care, comfort and a friendly atmosphere. Friendly surroundings encourage future customer’s visits. Professionalism and friendliness, of our staff, is our mission.
Since 2000, BARTEK has achieved constant growth in selling with an average of about 25% more than the previous year. Every season, our designer prepares about 300 new models of shoes. Each model is in 4-8 different colors.
In September 2009, the company turned into Public Limited Company. This policy gives new opportunities, for the development of the company as well as for its business partners. In the same year, we started producing a second brand of BARTEK shoes called “bb”.   Products’ of “bb” are slippers for children which are well promising compared to the original brand.
At the beginning, of 2007, BARTEK has started an online shop: www.sklep.bartek.com.pl. In 2011, more than 30,000 pairs of shoes were sold online. In 2012, we have opened our global webstore, in the United States.