Orthopedic high shoes Bartek W-81802-8/1FZ white

BARTEK W-81802-8/1FZ, orthopedic high shoes
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    Type: Orthopedic high shoes
    Season: Fall, All seasons, Spring
    Color: White

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    US 7 EU 23 15.0 CM

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    BARTEK PROPHYLATIC FOOTWEAR satisfies physiological function requirements.
    It can also be used to prevent the formation of functional defects in the lower limbs in children and adolescents, such as: knee valgity, feet valgity, feet varus deformity, flat valgus feet, flabby foot, longitudinal flat feet, transversal flat feet, hallux valgus, clawed toes setting.
    BARTEK PROPHYLACTIC FOOTWEAR is recommended to be worn by children with healthy feet, in order to prevent the formation of the above-mentioned deformations of the foot.
    Those shoes can also be used for specialized orthopaedic inserts. The orthopaedic inserts should be prescribed by a physician. They should be well adjusted to the type of defect and the child’s foot size. The ready made inserts may be used, which are available in the special stores or custom-made inserts, which are made on an individual order in orthopaedic workshops.

    seasonFall, All seasons, Spring
    surfaceGrain leather
    liningGenuine leather
    insoleGenuine leather, Profile, B-FRESH
    soleTR - thermoplastic rubber
    how to wearVelcro strap
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